Finally got around to make my video on the MTEK FLUX tactical helmet

The tactical industry like any other industry has a few giants within each segment of products. Helmets are no exception. MTEK which has been around for a little while is a serious underrated competitor to the already established giants. Although they are still a relative small business they are making what I consider a serious contender to the Helmet section.

The FLUX is one of the first helmets to feature a bolt-less design and the shell in it’s naked state is one of the lightest ballistic shells on the market. There are many small and equally refined details that make up the FLUX helmet. It’s not that they are revolutionary in terms of tech, but it’s the fact that MTEK dares to try something new and think out of the box when it comes to how a helmet should function, that in my opinion makes the FLUX so damn appealing.

European company ACTinBlack recently became the distributor for MTEK in Europe, so I’m hoping to see a lot more FLUX helmets hit the tactical scene over here. Check them out at (new homepage)

Anyways, I made a video talking over some of the many points why the FLUX ballistic helmet should be your new helmet for 2019. The ballistic version isn’t the only one you should be looking out for. They also offer the Carbon version and soon to be released a Polymer version.  For my wacky sense of humor the first minute of the video is a spoof intro.