OneTigris ID Showcase Holder | PLUS1 Dump Pouch are finally released to the general public.

OneTigris is a Chinese gear manufacture that makes tactical kit for Airsoft among other things. Despite the Airsoft market being extremely huge with a untapped well of new customers, OneTigris in my opinion really shines through with their outdoor gear and K9 line of products. One of OneTigris’ core strengths is that they are open to ideas and suggestions from their customer base, even taking time and resources to help design and develop ideas from just about anybody that has some blueprint locked inside their brain and can somehow present it for their R&D department.  

This is how I got into designing 2 products that I needed for my own personal use not thinking it was going to be made public. I just needed these 2 items and was willing to pay to have them made.

Now I know OneTigris from when they shipped me a dump pouch for review in 2016.
After I did my review, I stayed in touch with them and loved they way the ran their social media and how they grew over the years in terms of business development. 

Now just to clarify – my designs were for my own personal use, so you might wonder what the basis was for their creation. 

So lets take a look at them.

The first in line is the ID Showcase Holder.

I attend about 2 gun trade shows a year with my work. Shot Show in Vegas and IWA in Nuremberg. At these shows I get to meet and greet a lot of awesome people. Some think I’m a dickhole, but some actually think I’m a cool cat and want to give me their patch as a show of appreciation.

And I’m flattered but at the end of the day I usually run out of Velcro real estate to put them on. So I came up with the idea to have a Custom ID holder made to accommodate a lot more patches. 

The main ID window is for my… well ID. With the large window most ID papers can be placed and presented fast without detaching the main Window from the panel. It will fit a passport or anything else in that size for different storage needs. So it works as a travel item as well.

At Shot you’re required to show your ID each time upon entry and at IWA you gotta scan it before entering the convention. So the need to have a ID present  is constant.


The smaller window pouch is an extra bonus item along with the ID Showcase. It gives you the option to have business cards at the ready or money that folds and other smaller items stored safely away. 

The Velcro panel is larger than life and is purposely designed that way. The panel gives you a lot more real estate to put your patches on display and as you can tell by the pictures, you can rep some serious patches now. But wait there’s even more Velcro! Velcro has been added on the adjustable straps as well, giving you additional space for even more PATCHES!

The ID Showcase holder works for many different purposes – but for Tradeshows where Patches are like the gold coins in John Wick – the Showcase is the wallet you need. 

To order yours please go to:


The PLUS1 Dump Pouch

The PLUS1 Dump Pouch was not envisioned to be what it is on OneTigris’ homepage. I came to the guys at OneTigris with a simple request. I needed a “dangler” in a 90s design made out of fake leather. Simple right? I provided the design based of the old school leather fanny packs, because I wanted that 80s/90s feel to it…

Plate Carrier – Sentinel by Combat Systems


and once Again OneTigris came through. I simply love my Fake Leather fanny pouch which you attach to your Plate Carrier with the Velcro back side – with 3 compartments to accommodate all my needs for gadgets, tools and what not – The Fake imitation leather Fanny Pack is exactly what I wanted. Sure you don’t have Velcro for all your patches but in this case I really don’t need to floss any patches down there. The Fanny pack also has 4 drainage holes at the bottom which also acts as an additional carry point. If you add bungee cords or paracord through the holes you can attach a tourniquet for fast deployment.

OneTigris liked the fanny design  so much so that they decided to release it but without the fake leather option and went for 1000 Cordura instead – probably wise for the hard use tactical kit gets exposed to. It still has the same 90’s base design, which for all intents and purposes is easy, fast and simple. 

The PLUS1 is all about that additional kit that needs to be stored somewhere on your persons for fast and easy deployment should it be extra mags, multitool or Mars bars… you can get to it fast. 

To order yours, please go to:
PLUS1 Dump Pouch