Things have been hectic in my life. There is some personally stuff (which there always is) that is taking a lot of my private time.

Also I recently had eye laser surgery done – so my vision is about the same as a 2 year old with vaseline rubbed all around the eye balls.

But do not despair – for I have made a small video… really it’s nuttin fancy.

The unbox video of the Sentinel Plate Carrier

Show casing the beautiful box and of course its content. The Sentinel Plate Carrier by Combat Systems is one of the most comfy, well-built PCs on the market – especially at the price point of €220,-.

The review model I got was in MultiCam – as much as I recognize MC as a great versatile camo, I really wanted the Sentinel in Coyote Brown. So with the PC arriving in the mail, I decided to make a little unbox video as well.