Recently I got my Pre-order of the Agilite Gen4 Cover for the MTEK FLUX Helmet. To my big surprise I won Agilite’s giveaway as well and received their BRIDGE which a multi-helmet platform.

Now I’m not going to write a lot of fluff text that over-complicates some very basic needs and design choices.

So let’s start with my prize first.

The Bridge

The Bridge is what I would call a multi-helmet platform. Very much similar to the Mohawk by TNVC – The Bridge is attached to the Velcro patches commonly at the 3-6-9 o’clock. The wing velcro patches are a little bigger than what you usually see on helmets and shaped a bit like an “V” – which I suspect is to follow the contour of the helmet a bit better.

Why I call it the multi-helmet platform is because the wings are adjustable so it will fit just about any make, model and size helmet that has velcro patches available. The elastic arms or wings help get that extra tight fit for a really secure attachment to the helmet.

Unlike the Mohawk, the Bridge doesn’t have velcro hooks in the middle to attach onto the helmet. Some might find this a bit discouraging but the wings does a very good job at securing the Bridge to the helmet.

The Bridge is ideal for any helmet that doesn’t feature the velcro going up the middle.

In case you’re new to this – why get the Bridge? The Bridge helps mount your helmet gadgets in a more secure way. Lights and other devices have a hefty price, the most expensive one is needing it when you lost it.  The Bridge also functions as a counterweight/NODs batt pack holder. The big compartment in the back as most of you know is for storing NODs batt.  packs or other similar size items such as counterweights when using Night Vision Googles.

The Bridge also allows cable management to be more streamlined.

Overall a great addition to your Helmet if you are needing to up it’s mission usage.


Moving to the Gen4 FLUX Cover…

Now I pre-ordered this one because I really wanted to try it out. I know Grey Ghost made one, but from several sources I heard they weren’t that good a fit (TBD)and I really wanted to try something not “mainstream”. At the time I ordered it, Spiritus Systems hadn’t released their version so there weren’t many options to pick from.

Nonetheless I am happy that I got the Agilite FLUX Cover.

It does all the same things as the Bridge, just…more!

The fit is tight and you will probably try more than once to get that 99.99 coverage of the shell in place. But once you do, it looks great.

The Cover is built nicely and feels like they picked all the right fabrics to make it a durable cover.  I never was a fan of the mesh covers for helmets as I’m more into a solid look. But the Mesh is probably to accommodate the Vented version of the Carbon FLUX and promote better airflow. Without NODs I can only speculate to the IR signature being reduced with the cover, but I’m pretty confident that it does indeed reduce it.

The bungee cords and system works really well and is easy to adjust on the fly. The velcro patches on the side are bigger than the ones MTEK uses, an ‘issue’ I noticed when using my MOHOC camera. With the Gen4 Cover, you have more velcro to mount on.

Both the Bridge and Gen4 FLUX cover aren’t revolutionary – like I said, no fluff. I didn’t expected them to be.

But I am very pleased with their design and quality. In the end picking what you need comes down to function and design. With Agilite I got both those things covered…. no pun intended.


Wanna see more of Agilite’s range of products – go to