IWA 2018

With the hunting, sports shooting and Airsoft Trade show “IWA” done and over, it’s time to settle back into real life.

For the 4th time now, I was there working the booth for ActionSportGames. I was there setting up the booth, doing interviews with news outlets and general fuckery, the Trade show was intense and busy as always. But this year, I was busier than usual.

I barely had time to visit most of the 9 halls containing all the awesome hardware and gear to satisfy my geardo needs. However I did see some of the goodies from the Real Steel world and Airsoft industry.

There were a few items that did catch my attention that I managed to check out, here are a few of them. There were of course many more, but time and stress really wasn’t on my side this year. But here goes:


HERA ARMS was there as always. German based firearms manufacture HERA ARMS, have been for a long time one of my favorite manufactures. Not because ASG have the license to make Airsoft replicas, but because HERA makes high quality products and try to push the innovation with their designs. I’ve previously reviewed their IRS front handguard both the M-lok version and Keymod (re-upload inbound).

What was interesting to see from them this year was their new 9mm ARs. To accommodate the laws in Germany regarding “high” caliber and AR style rifles, they’ve made a new series of ARs. Included in this new series is their new Vent/Side rail free handguards and fixed stock because that’s totally what makes a difference in the “assault rifle” genre.

Taking a close look at the fixed stock, we find a new interesting design – so interesting they actually made a telescope version of it as well.


AIMPOINT has always been known to make some of the best optics out there. A first for me was their 3Xmag-1 and 6Xmag-1 – haven’t seen or heard anything about these magnifiers. I was a bit excited about checking them out when I saw them, but to my disappointment the eye relief and clarity of the glass wasn’t what I would expect from AIMPOINT. Sure they get the job done, but with a 800+ USD price tag it really wasn’t showing it’s worth.

However I can’t complain about the new Comp M5, which I own. Quality, glass clarity and build is top dollar!

 CSC European Defense Business Management

CSC is a Germany based distributor. They were showcasing a newly acquired brand called VIKTØS. This brand is what the young kids called “hawt fire”. Having a tactical casual clothing line that features great durability and innovating design has been on the low for a long time. So this will surely blow up, once CSC gets it rolling here in Europe.


SUREFIRE had their new XH15, an entry level pistol light on displayl. Never had my hands on it yet, so was eager to check it out. Designed to work with SUREFIREs new holster, the MASTERFIRE – this light throws out 350 lumens. However a turnoff with the light is that it doesn’t support momentary on.

I was told they would be releasing something new this year as well – something epic, but I only heard about it, didn’t get invited behind closed doors to check it out.



HOLOSUN showed off their new tiny but sweet pistol light. Not released yet, this flashlight/laser unit would be a great accessory for those looking to update their kit.

Some more goodies from HOLOSUN below.

CBT Optics Equipment


Chinese manufacture CBT Optics Equipment apparently had a new helmet cam on display. Now you might go “hey that looks like the MOHOC?” And yes it does… pretty straight up a copy/paste job… just a little bigger in size. However there are a bunch of crazy features packed in this 1080p helmet cam.

Some of the features are:

2″ screen, IR illuminator, GPS, WiFi, 4G, walkie talkie PTT, “auto night vision” – all in one unit. But get this, unit price is 1.600 Euros hahahaha… sorry…. but hahaha holy fuck balls.


Below are a few random pics from the Tradeshow.